Dueling Peaks Shrines Recommended Order (BotW)

There are a total of 8 shrines in the Dueling Peaks region in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, here is the order I recommend!

Bosh Kala Shrine / The Wind Guides You – BotW

bosh kala shrine featured image
bosh kala location

The Bosh Kala Shrine is usually the first shrine players encounter after acquiring the paraglider and finishing the Great Plateau in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild as it is along the way to the next objective.

Ree Dahee Shrine / Timing is critical – BotW

ree dahee shrine featured image
ree dahee location

Ree Dahee Shrine is one of the first shrines players encounter after leaving the Great Plateau in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, located beneath the Dueling Peaks themselves.

Ha Dahamar Shrine / The Water Guides – BotW

ha dahamar shrine featured image
ha dahamar location

Ha Dahamar is commonly one of the first shrines people encounter when playing TLoZ: BotW after completing the Great Plateau. Here’s how to complete it!

Ta’loh Naeg Shrine / Ta’loh Naeg’s Teaching – BotW

ta'loh naeg shrine featured image
ta'loh naeg location

Ta’loh Naeg is the shrine of Kakariko and is one of the most teleported to shrines as it is the nearest to Impa, a character who reappears throughout the story due to Link’s quest to find his memories. Here’s how to complete it.

Shee Vaneer Shrine + Shee Venath Shrine / Twin Memories – BotW

shee vaneth shrine featured image
shee vaneer location

The Shee Vaneer and Shee Venath Shrines are unique to the rest of the shrines as they are identical to each other. To complete one you must view the other, interesting. Let’s see how to complete them!

Hila Rao Shrine / Drifting / Watch out for the Flowers – BotW

hila rao shrine featured image
hila rao location

Through numerous memes, the guardian of this shrine has been labelled, “Flowerblight Ganon.” Her ability to teleport you back to an almost invisible maze makes this shrine a tricky one to enter, let’s see how!

Toto Sah Shrine / Toto Sah Apparatus – BotW

toto sah shrine featured image
toto sah location

The Toto Sah Shrine is one of the less memorable shrines in TLoZ: BotW. Let’s see how to complete this puzzling puzzle.

Lakna Rokee Shrine / Lakna Rokee’s Blessing / Kakariko Side Quests – BotW

the stolen heirloom
lakna rokee location

The side quests in Kakariko Village are strange, but what you might not know is their reward is a secondary Kakariko Shrine. Let’s see how to unlock it!

Congratulations! You have completed all eight shrines of the Dueling Peaks. Feel free to check out our other cache of Shrine Walkthroughs to find whichever one you’re looking for!

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