Guide to Updrafts (BotW)

Everyone who’s finished at least Divine Beast Vah Medoh in Breath of the Wild knows that Revali’s Gale is the easiest way to get a tall updraft. However, there are more ways than you think and even taller Updrafts you can create.

What is an Updraft?

To help those who are new to the game and aren’t familiar with Breath of the Wild’s concepts of updrafts, an updraft is a vertical flow of wind which can be ridden using the paraglider, acquired at the end of the, ‘The Isolated Plateau,’ main quest. There are many different techniques for creating and utilising updrafts, of which techniques I will teach you here!


All that’s needed to start an updraft normally is 4 pieces of wood and something to ignite it. Things that you can use to ignite it are:

  • Fire Arrows.
  • Flint and a Metal Weapon.
  • Fire/Meteor Rod.
  • Excess Fire from a Bomb Arrow (Hard).
  • Heat from the Terrain (E.g. Death Mountain).

You need 4 wood bundles to start the updraft, but only 3 are needed to keep it, furthermore, other forms of wood can be used the same as bundles, for example, barriers and spikes can be used in place.

Link flying above an updraft in Zelda Breath of the Wild


If you find tall grass in the overworld, in fields, mountains etc. You can ignite it the same way with the wood and the updraft will start once enough grass is lit.

Another method for igniting grass that can’t be done with wood bundles is a new technique that is usually used if you are low on resources. In order to do this, you’ll need any two bows and at least one fire arrow. Take out the bow by tapping ZR quickly and stand near the grass. Switch between your two bows in quick succession and the grass should catch on fire!

Spicy Peppers

At the time of the release of this post, this technique is relatively recent. Using it will allow you to create a really tall updraft and even reach the top of Sheikah Towers straight from the bottom!

To do this trick, you’ll need to place about 5 spicy peppers on the ground, and shoot a fire arrow near one of them, not directly though as that may either destroy or launch it. This should create an updraft with you can ride with the paraglider following the other peppers. Next, launch another fire arrow near one of the other peppers and it should create another updraft on top of the original. If you keep on repeating this technique on the rest of the peppers, you can make an updraft even taller than the Towers!

Spicy Peppers Updraft

Furthermore, if you place the peppers on the ground and use Revali’s Gale first, you can make an even bigger updraft! A wind bomb after this can take you miles!

I hope you enjoyed this article! Now you have height, you may want distance! Here, you can check out our Guide to Wind Bombs (BotW) that’ll get you anyplace, anytime!

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