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The Kam Urog Shrine is strangely tied to uncommon Zelda Lore making it a strangely unique shrine in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Let’s see how it’s done!


The Kam Urog Shrine is located south of the Lanayru Promenade, just over the Robred Dropoff and north of the Cliffs of Quince. It is north-east of Fort Hateno in a little crevice in the mountain. It is also just south of the Philian Highlands.

kam urog location

The Cursed Statue Shrine Quest

Near Fort Hateno, there is a cabin on the south side of the path. At night, a man can be found here and at day the same man is walking around the area. If you talk to this man, he’ll say he’s researching an ancient myth about the statue you need to use to unlock the shrine.

Walk over to the area with all the statues and wait until night. One of the statues near the center will have glowing, purple eyes; shoot this statue with a regular arrow to summon the shrine from the Ground.

Shooting Cursed Statue


When you enter the shrine, you’ll be able to see the main room from the exterior. Walk over to this main room and try to move the large, metal, spiky balls to the sides of the cylinder. Stand on the large, vertical, moving platform and wait for it to be aligned horizontally with the center of the room. Stasis the cog in the center and walk across to the other side; climb the nearby stairs at the top. Alternatively, you can wait for the first moving platform to reach a higher level and simply glide to the top of the stairs.

Optionally glide across the gap to the platform jutting out of the main room to find a chest containing an opal. Then, repeat the process as mentioned before until you reach the stairs again. Wait for the next set of stairs to appear and stasis one of the cogs when the stairs are aligned with you. Climb up the stairs and walk to Monk Kam Urog to obtain this shrine’s Spirit Orb. Congratulations, you have completed the Kam Urog shrine!

Full Video Walkthrough

Kam Urog Shrine Walkthrough

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