Shrine of Resurrection Clip (BotW)

This Breath of the Wild clip was revolutionary when it was first discovered. It allows you to skip the entrance cutscene, preventing the game’s clock from passing 05:00, eliminating the dangers of stal enemies or blood moons etc. Here’s how it’s done!

Getting to the Clip

When you start a new save file, you’re greeted with Zelda’s cutscene, where she’s saying, “Open your eyes,” and so on. Once you’ve finished the cutscene, acquire the Sheikah Slate as usual and the worn clothes if you’d like. However, instead of leaving the shrine as normal, return the the original room and open your scope. The animation that plays when you first open the scope interferes with the glitch, which is why we open the scope before beginning.

Clipping through the Wall

From the bed where link slept for the past 100 years, go over to the corner to the right of the door to the next room. Jump up into the small ledge-like structure that comes out of the wall and keep running into it. Turn your camera round so you are facing the floor or the rest of the room and spam A.

Link should make some small grunting or panting noises as he does when he usually runs but eventually you’ll also see the screen jitter. When it seems to jitter like a heartbeat (1 2, 1 2, 1 2), spam the right joystick down to try and open your scope. At first you won’t be able to but if you keep spamming eventually you will clip out of the wall!

Video Walkthrough

Clipping Out of the Shrine of Resurrection

I hope you enjoyed this article and I hope it helped! If you found this glitch fun, check out our ALTTP Clip that allows you to beat the game in under 5 minutes! You can always find something on MyGaming.News!

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