Guide to Wind Bombs (BotW)


Preparation for the Glitch

In Breath of the Wild, you tend to want to travel faster after spending a lot of time in the game, and sure, a horse is fast! But Wind Bombs are faster!

To get started you’ll need a platform high enough to enter bullet-time. (slow-motion), when you jump and take out your bow. You won’t be able to gain bullet-time on the ground without the use of the Fairy Fountain Glitch. If this is your first time attempting a Wind Bomb, I’d recommend fast traveling to a Sheikah Tower, preferably an open, safe one like the Great Plateau or Lake Tower. And for beginners, I’d also recommend attempting this on full stamina. Finally, make sure you have your spherical remote bomb selected on your Sheikah Slate.

Wind Bombing (Ground)

The Wind Bomb will be tricky the first few times you try it, this is the same for everyone! But I’ll show you some of the easiest ways to do it.

  1. Walk to the edge of your high platform. Walk forward, jump, tap L to place your spherical bomb and tap ZR, (the back right button), all in very quick succession.
  2. Next, place your cuboid bomb, (again using L after switching bombs), and wait for both the bombs and Link to be aligned.
  3. Once all three things are aligned, detonate your spherical bomb, shooting the cuboid bomb into Link and sending him flying for miles! Open your paraglider and Link will keep the speed for a while!
Link performing a Wind Bomb from the Great Plateau Tower

Wind Bombing (Mid-Air)

If you found the last method a bit tricky, or you’d like to chain another Wind Bomb onto your last one, you can use the mid-air in… Well, mid-air!

  1. When your paraglider is open, make sure you’re traveling forward at normal speed, since this won’t work if you’re not traveling forward or if you are in the speed of your last wind bomb.
  2. Press L to place your spherical bomb and tap ZR in quick succession, switch to your cuboid bomb and wait for both bombs and Link to align.
  3. Once all three things are aligned, detonate your spherical bomb, once again shooting the cuboid bomb into Link and sending him flying straight to Ganon! (Just make sure to open the paraglider!)
Link performing a Mid Air Wind Bomb

Uses of Wind Bombs

Long Distance, Short Time

Wind Bombs can be used to travel monumental distances, for example, if you want to travel from Gerudo Town to that one shrine in the very bottom corner of the map, that’s a big walk! But climbing to the top of the structure in town and Wind Bombing in the right direction can take out a big chunk of that long, long walk!

Shrine Skipping

For players who have played Breath of the Wild a couple of times, or aren’t that interested in completing all the puzzles in all 120 shrines, (134 if you have the DLC), then in most cases you can just Wind Bomb to the end!

Find the right angle and boom! You’re at the end!


A lot of people in the speedrun community will know that Wind Bombing can save a lot of time in Breath of the Wild! They aren’t used much in any%, but in other categories like all shrines or 100% they’re used quite often! Another speedrunning trick you can learn is Getting the Master Sword Early!

More Wind Bombs…

Enemy camp attack bombs

Kibako Launch

If you find the Wind Bomb a bit tricky, Check out our Kibako Launch Tutorial! It’s far easier!

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