DB Vah Ruta – Reaching Vah Ruta

Divine Beast Vah Ruta is by far the easiest Divine Beast to complete, Waterblight Ganon is pretty weak and it’s not too challenging to enter compared with Divine Beasts Vah Naboris and Vah Rudania. Let’s see how to get to the Divine Beast itself!

Speaking with the King

After reaching Zora’s Domain, ascend both sets of stairs and talk to some Zora on the way if you’d like. Reach the Throne Room and speak with King Dorephan, Sidon and Muzu.

FUN FACT: If you skip all of the meetings with Sidon prior to speaking with King Dorephan, Prince Sidon will at first reject you from the Throne Room saying, “The King is not accepting visitors at this time!”

The King will speak with you about 100 years ago, reminisce and explain the Zoras’ plight: Divine Beast Vah Ruta is creating an unstoppable rain that will flood all of Hyrule. He then requests if you can solve the plight as the quest requires the use of electricity which greatly harms the Zoras.

Muzu – who dislikes Link as he blames him for the death of Mipha 100 years ago – is the only Zora who knows the location of the Shock Arrows you need. However, King Dorephan angers him by giving you the Zora Armour which Mipha crafted for you 100 years ago. Sidon chases after him when he leaves the Throne Room, follow after them when you finish speaking with the King.

Speaking with Muzu

When speaking with Muzu, he will reject you as he does not trust any Hylians, let alone Link. To solve this, equip the Zora Armour which you received from the King – this will show Muzu that Link was Mipha’s love. This is because it is a historical tradition that the Zora Princesses make a piece of armour for the one they intend to marry – sort of like an engagement ring, kinda.

After persuading Muzu, the conversation will shift into a memory from 100 years ago: Link and Mipha talking on top of Divine Beast Vah Ruta. Following the memory, Muzu will give in and tell you that the best way to get Shock Arrows is from the Lynel on Ploymus Mountain.

Getting Shock Arrows

Now, while Muzu said the best way to get Shock Arrows is from the top of Ploymus Mountain, if you have a store accesible that sells shock arrows, that will be far easier. The best places to get Shock Arrows from a store are in Gerudo Town and Tarrey Town. You’ll need 20.

However, if you don’t have one of these stores accesible, the Lynel on Ploymus Mountain is the best place to get the Shock Arrows! On your map, you’ll see three waterfalls, you can use your newly acquired Zora Armour to ascend them and get to the Lynel.

If you can manage to avoid the Lynel, there are plenty of Shock Arrows all of the place up there, so you don’t actually need to fight the monster. Nonetheless, if you think you can beat the beast, it will be easier to collect the arrows after the Lynel is defeated.

If you need some help defeating the Lynel, you can check out out Tips for Attacking a Lynel (BotW)!

Full Video Walkthrough

Preparing for Divine Beast Vah Ruta

Reaching Divine Beast Vah Ruta

Once you have the Zora Armour and 20 Shock Arrows, you can now reach the Divine Beast. Sidon is waiting by the Reservoir so you can jump off the top of Ploymus Mountain to reach the Zora Prince and Divine Beast!

Congratulation, you’ve reached the Divine Beast! You can now move onto completing Vah Ruta!

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