DB Vah Ruta – Getting to Zora’s Domain

Divine Beast Vah Ruta is by far the easiest Divine Beast to complete, Waterblight Ganon is pretty weak and it’s not too challenging to enter compared with Divine Beasts Vah Naboris and Vah Rudania. Let’s see how to get to Zora’s Domain, Vah Ruta’s home.

Where is Zora’s Domain?

Zora’s Domain is located in the Lanayru Region, to begin your travels to the home of the Zora, I recommend heading to Lanayru Tower where you will meet Gruve. Here, Gruve first tells you of the Zoras’ search for a fit Hylian.

Map of Lanayru BotW

Windboming to Zora’s Domain

By far, one of the easiest ways to reach Zora’s Domain is to Windbomb from mountain to mountain starting from the Lanayru Tower. Windbombs shoot you through the air at great speeds and are quite easy with a bit of practice. They can easily get you just about anywhere you need to be in no time! You can learn how to use this unique trick from our Guide to Wind Bombs to zoom straight to Zora’s Domain!

The Regular Path to Zora’s Domain

The regular path to Zora’s Domain is far more elaborate and will take some work, but all things considered it’s a pretty easy path!

Travelling to Zora's Domain
You can always check out this video for visual cues to see where to go! The Walkthrough below follows the exact path here!

Meeting Prince Sidon

From the Lanayru Tower, you can jump down to find the Soh Kofi Shrine; nearby is a Zora who is looking for a Hylian to combat Vah Ruta. Past this Zora is Prince Sidon who will tell you of Divine Beast Vah Ruta’s havoc on Zora’s Domain. He will ask you to calm the Divine Beast before it floods all of Hyrule.

Before he leaves, he will give you a vial of Electro Elixir which will help to defend you against powerful Electric Lizalfos which you will encounter along the route.

Traveling to Zora’s Domain

There are 5 stretches of path you’ll cross from where you first met Prince Sidon to the entrance to Zora’s Domain.

Path #1

Firstly, you’ll need to cross the bridge to the right of where you met Prince Sidon and follow the path up and around the lake. You’ll meet your first Lizalfos of this path here and be shot at be numerous Octoroks, I recommend using melee weapons to take out the Lizalfos, but I’d definitely say to use a bow to take out the Octoroks; aim just above them and just as they are about to shoot, release the arrow to shoot them when they come out of the water.

When you reach a stone bridge over the river, look ahead into the water and you’ll find several more Octoroks. Take them all out, then walk on, you’ll meet Prince Sidon again soon.

Path #2

Coming up now, some boulders will roll down from the top of the cliff to your right, use Stasis on the first one to block the rest. Once you’re safe, run past them and continue on. When you reach a small path covered by large stone arches, jump above the path and move on. You’ll see some armoured Lizalfos up ahead, but these are easily avoidable – you can see this in the Video above.

Continue along the path you can see on the map and you’ll find a small cave with water and a few frogs you can pick up! Just ahead, you can find the next place to meet Sidon.

Path #3

The Path ahead will soon lead you to a cave filled with Electric Keese – these, in my opinion, are the most annoying creatures in the game! After meeting Sidon for the 3rd time, walk past the turn into the cave and climb up the mountain, follow the path on the map closely but avoid entering the cave, trust me, you’re gonna save like 3 deaths if you avoid the direct path!

Next, you’ll find four Lizalfos – three by a fire by the river and one by some shelter. I recommend distracting them with an arrow so you can sneak past the, this way you’ll be ready when they come after you, instead of them seeing you and attacking you first. Soon after defeating all four, you’ll meet Sidon again.

Path #4

Continue along the path and more rolling stones will come towards you. Like before, use Stasis on the first one to block the rest!

Pretty soon after, you’ll find a difficult Lizalfos’ Camp. Avoid the water as the Lizalfos will shoot at you with Shock Arrows which will react with the water to make a bubble of Electricity which is very harmful. Destroy the Lizalfos and cross Luto’s Crossing. Half-way across you’ll meet Sidon again, but this time the conversation will be cut short be a Moblin coming to attack you!

Path #5 (Final Path)

After decimating the Moblin, you’ll now be on the final stretch before Zora’s Domain! Move along and you’ll quickly come across an Electric Wizzrobe which you can defeat with an arrow to the head and a couple of hits!

From now, you can, walk all the way to the top of this cliff and glide aaaaall the way to the entrance to Zora’s Domain!

Travelling to Zora's Domain

A View of of Zora’s Domain

When you arrive, you’ll be greeted by a nice little cutscene of Zora’s Domain and Prince Sidon will be running towards you. Before walking up to King Dorephan, you can complete the Shrine of the Domain and greet the Goddess Statue to use up your Spirit Orbs to get another Heart Container or Stamina Vessel.

Congratulations, you finally reached Zora’s Domain, you can now move onto completing Divine Beast Vah Ruta!

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