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The shrine housing Owa Daim is most commonly the third shrine players encounter in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It’s not the most difficult shrine in the game but let’s see anyway…


The Owa Daim Shrine is located at the very south-east border Mt. Hylia; the mountain above the old man’s hut in the south-east of the Great Plateau.

To access the shrine this early you’ll need to climb the mountain face facing the old man’s hut. From the hut, cross the gap by chopping down a tree so it falls across the crevice. Use the step-like outbursts from the mountain to regain your stamina as you climb along them.

Owa Daim Walkthrough

Unique to only a few shrines, the minute you enter it you can view the entire layout from the entrance. Your view will comprise of:

  • The guidance stone on the left.
  • Your first Stasis Puzzle.
  • The path to the goal.
  • Mono Owa Daim.

Firstly, walk to the guidance stone on the left to download Stasis to your Sheikah Slate. Stasis allows you to freeze time on an object for a certain amount of time depending on the object.

Secondly, freeze time on the spinning platform next to you when it is parallel to where you are standing so you can use it to walk across. The cooldown for Stasis is dependant on how long Stasis was used on the object; therefore, you can shorten the cooldown by releasing the object of its freeze early like I did in the video below.

After completing your first puzzle, you will encounter a long ramp with a stone boulder rolling down repeatedly. The boulder respawns from its spawn tube at the top of the ramp after it is submerged in lava, ergo, if you Stasis it before it reaches the lava: you will have an extended period of time to climb the ramp. At the very top of the ramp is a chest containing a Traveler’s Shield, acquire this if you’d like and head to the lather diverging from the ramp.

Make sure you have a space in your melee weapons inventory and pick up the Iron Sledgehammer, this is useful for two things:

  • Stasis launching objects – Stasising an object and hitting it multiple times to build up it’s Kinetic Potential Energy, the momentum will fire the object when the stasis is released.
  • Fighting Taluses – Iron Sledgehammers deal 8X damage to any talus enemy.

Use the Iron Sledgehammer to Stasis Launch the second stone boulder in your way and reach Monk Owa Daim to complete the Shrine.

Full Owa Daim Walkthrough Video

I hope you enjoyed this article and I hope it helped, Stasis can help for innumerable things such as fighting Lynels and so much more!

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