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The Ja Baij Shrine is usually the second shrine players come across when playing The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Easy for experienced player, but a little tricky for newcomers, let me show you how it’s done!

Location of Ja Baij

The Ja Baij Shrine is located in the Eastern Abbey, as the name suggests: it is on the far eastern side of the Great Plateau – south of the Great Plateau Tower.

The Abbey is filled and surrounded by Guardians which can be difficult to defeat or even survive this early on in the game. The beam they fire will kill you in an instant if it hits you so it’s best to avoid them at this point. Alternatively, if you’d like to take them on now, there is a simple way. Simple; not necessarily easy.

Make sure you have a shield equipped – it doesn’t matter which shield – and use ZL to target the guardian. Press A to parry as the guardian fires its laser at you, this will reflect the beam back at it, killing in seconds. However, parry too soon and you will die, parry too late and you will die, don’t parry at all and you will die; your timing has to be just right. Good luck!

Walkthrough of Ja Baij

When you enter the shrine, you will encounter the guidance stone which will deposit the Remote Bombs to your Sheikah Slate as well as two bombable large bricks. Collect the Remote Bombs from the guidance stone and use one to destroy the bombable bricks. Walk through the corridor. To your right is another bombable brick which hides a chest containing a Traveler’s Claymore. Back through the corridor and straight ahead from the chest area is another path.

Follow this path to find a moving platform between you and more bombable bricks. Either stand on mobile platform, throw a bomb and detonate it at the wall, or simply place a bomb on the platform and detonate it when it reaches the wall; then wait for the platform and cross the gap yourself.

The next room you’ll find has three canon-like machines that can launch small objects – or you – across the large gap in the room. To your left are two canons and to your right is one more. Of the ones on the left, the right canon is firing a Shrine Orb back and forth to display how the mechanics work. The far left canon takes you to a chest containing some amber. If you’d like, you can reach the amber by standing on the canon as it is lowered to fire you across to the platform with the chest.

Next, travel to the canon on the far-right and stand on the platform next to it. You’ll find a funnel connected to a tunnel that leads from the platform to the canon. Drop a spherical bomb into the funnel so it lands on the canon. Once the canon retracts and fires, the bomb will land on some bombable bricks that are blocking your path. Detonate the bomb to destroy them.

Climb up the ladder to the monk and collect the Spirit Orb in order to complete the Shrine!

Complete Ja Baij Walkthrough

I hope you enjoyed this article and I hope it helped! As an alternative method of completion of Ja Baij, you can simply perform a Wind Bomb at the very start of the shrine after downloading remote bombs to your Sheikah Slate to zoom all the way to the monk! You can learn how to perform them in our Guide to Wind Bombs (BotW)! They really are quite useful, I use them all the time!


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