Fairy Fountain Glitch (BotW)

What is the Glitch?

This Glitch doesn’t really have a name. It’s one of the fewer known glitches of BotW, (Breath of the Wild), or of the Zelda series as a whole. It’s a relatively short glitch and doesn’t allow you to do much, it’s more on the trivial side of glitching. It allows you do walk on the bottom of water without swimming at all; it allows you to enter bullet time from the ground which can help with Wind Bombs if done correctly, and you don’t take damage! The only two downsides are you can’t deal damage and it’s only temporary – sort of.

How to do it and where to find a fountain?

First, make sure you have at least 20 wood, and a method of igniting the wood, e.g. Fire Arrow, Flam Blade etc. etc.

Fairy Fountain Locations

Within Breath of the Wild there are a total of five Fairy Fountains, they’re dotted all over the map and can take a bit of searching to find all of them, I recommend for ease of gameplay visiting the Kakariko Fountain first, then the Tabantha, Akkala, Horse God and Gerudo later!

Video Walkthrough for the Fairy Fountain Glitch

The Yellow Pin is in the Gerudo region, but it’s not in the town. It’s in the very southwest (bottom left) area of the map. This is actually inside one of the Leviathan Skeletons, again snap a photo of the Skeleton’s Head as it’s needed for a side quest later on!

The Blue Pin is in the Kakariko region, up the hill and past the Ta’loh Naeg Shrine. TIP: If you see a glowing blue rabbit along the way, this is a blupee! This rabbit drops many rupees when attacked, don’t be afraid to attack it when you see one! Also, snap a photo if you have the camera as this is needed for a Side Quest in the Korok Forest later on!

The Pink Pin is in the Horse God area and is the only Fairy Fountain that doesn’t have a traditional Great Fairy. It’s just southeast of the Ka’o Makagh shrine and the Highland Stable, it again shows on the map as a small pond of water so it shouldn’t be too difficult to spot!

The Red Pin is in the Tabantha region, this is pretty much the only Fairy Fountain in the middle of nowhere in an absurd location! It’s just south-southeast of Tabantha Tower, a Wind Bomb will get you there in no time!

The Green Pin is in the Akkala region, it lies to the top right if the Dah Hesho shrine, you can actually see it as a small pond of water on the map! It’s just south of Tarrey Town, or just south of future Tarrey Town if you haven’t built it yet!

Colour coded pins are in the Images below.

Link standing next to Fairy Fountain

Akkala Fountain on map

Akkala Fairy Fountain

Kakariko Fountain on map

Kakariko Fairy Fountain

Gerudo Fountain on map

Gerudo Fairy Fountain

Horse God Fountain on map

Horse God Fairy Fountain

Tabantha Fountain on map

Tabantha Fairy Fountain

Map of Pins showing Locations of Fountains

Fairy Fountain with Cryonis and Campfires


Next, place a Cryonis Pillar in near enough the center of the water of the Fountain and place one wood bundle on top. Ignite with any method and place 19 more wood on top of the campfire. Finally, jump off the Cryonis and break the pillar allowing all the campfires to fall into the water. The glitch should now be complete!

How to test if you’ve done the glitch correctly.

There are a few ways you can test this underrated BotW glitch. You can jump into the fountain and Link should fall right to the bottom instead of swimming. You should also be able to open the paraglider by tapping X twice quickly and you should able to enter bullet time on the ground by jumping and opening your bow!

Unfortunately, as stated before, this glitch is only temporary, but not temporary as in a limited time. If you travel too far away from the fairy fountain you performed the glitch in, it will no longer be active. However, the silver lining is it’s easy to disable if you just want to play the game without the glitch set!

I hope you enjoyed this article, for other strange and peculiar glitches that have absolutely no reason for functioning, I can recommend you a couple! For example, check out our Guide to BLSS (BotW), this glitch is by far one of the strangest glitches I know!


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