Gathering Equipment & Weaponry in Breath of the Wild

The Equipment in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is as diverse as can be with items like Scimitars to Sickles. This is one of the things that makes BotW so likeable and popular. Contrastingly, it is also one of the reasons why some people don’t enjoy BotW as much as others, this is due to one simple reason: Weapon Durability. Anyone who has played at least 5 minutes of the game knows that each weapon has a limit to how much it can be used, for example: A Tree Branch will shatter after only four uses. This makes it very annoying to fight enemies, but I can tell you how to gather resources so you never find yourself in a difficult situation!

Weapon Farming.

Weapon farming in BotW is very helpful as it provides an infinite source of items and works on Melee Weapons, Bows and Shields possessed by enemies! The process is simple and only requires four things: A Great Thunderblade, A Great Flameblade, at least 2 Wood and any Metal Shield (an Ice Arrow will also help).

farming weapons

You can find a Great Thunderblade in the rocks on Cuho Mountain’s Summit or from a Moblin in the Colosseum Ruins and you can find a Great Flameblade in the Dock in Hyrule Castle or at the Ancient Tree Stump in Central Hyrule.

You’ll need to set up a trap for the enemy you’d like to duplicate the weapon from. This needs to be at their spawn point, the easiest way to find this is to set up a campfire nearby, but out of their range of sight. Sleep until morning or noon and remember where they spawn. Now we need to set up the trap: Shoot them with the ice arrow and move them away. Stand on their spawn point and swing the thunderblade, mid-swing press + and drop the weapon. This sets up a constant release of electricity. Drop the metal shield on top and move back to the campfire. The same way you did with the Thunderblade, stand over the campfire and swing the Great Flameblade. Mid-swing, press + and drop the weapon – just make sure not to drop it in the middle of the wood as for some reason this makes both the wood and the weapon disappear.

The constant release of fire from the blade means the campfire will always be on whilst you’re near it. Sleep until noon as many times as you want the weapon duplicated and the weapons will be lying on the floor next to the enemy. The way this works is that the enemy spawns in the same place every time you rest by the campfire – where the trap is – and is shocked by the electricity. It drops the weapon and the cycle restarts. You sleep, it drops the weapon, you sleep, it drops the weapon, you sleep, it drops the weapon. Once you think you’ve rested enough, you’ll have one weapon for every time you rested!

Farming Weapons 1.

Farming Weapons 2.

I accidentally lost my Great Flameblade but you can still use fire arrows. They work just the same!

Farming Arrows

Unfortunately, farming arrows can require a little combat and some more time, but it’s absolutely worth it once it’s done! The aim of these two methods is to get loads of ore that you can sell to any merchant. Then, you can use the rupees to buy loads of arrows! The best places to buy them are Gerudo Town (At the end of the market on the right) and Tarrey Town (Slippery Falcon (Tarrey Town Branch)).

If you want to learn how to do the Wind Bomb that I used at the beginning of the video, check out our guide!

Farming Rupees – Talus Method – Difficult but Quick.

This method pretty much consists of finding all the Taluses in the Map (Talusi? Just Talus? Anyway…). You’ll need to defeat most of them which can prove difficult, but I can give you a couple of tips!

1) Use Urbosa’s Fury whenever you can and wait for all three to fully charge before entering the battle. The power deals a lot of damage to anything, not just Taluses, and can help loads during the fight!

2) Use a weapon related to mining like the Boulder Breaker or especially the Iron Sledgehammer! The Sledgehammer deals 8X damage towards Taluses so clearly can help a ton!

Farming Rupees – Mining Method – Easy but Long.

For this method, you want to find somewhere with a lot of ore, the best place being Death Mountain – There’s loads around the Eldin Tower. Pretty much all you need to do is go around mining and hope you find some pretty valuable ores. This can take a while but it’s easier than the Talus Method, eventually you’ll have loads of Ore which you can sell and buy plenty of arrows!

Tip: Remember to use the Sheikah Sensor+ as it’ll allow you to scan for the ores, much easier than just trying to find them on the off-chance!

I hope you enjoyed this article and I hope you don’t run out of equipment that often anymore! Need another tip? How about transportation? BotW Wind Bombs and BotW Kibako Launches can take you places seriously quickly, check them out!

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