The Best Ways to Attack Taluses in Breath of the Wild

Taluses can be formidable adversaries in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, with the only visible path to success being 3 Urbosa’s furies in a row! But trust me, there are many more, much better ways to defeating these giant rocks that you can do with ease!

Using the right weapon against Taluses

Many people who play this game think that there are no differences for the stats of a weapon once it has been picked up. A simple sledgehammer with a base attack of 12 can inflict no more damage than 12 on its own, right? Or at least, you would need to wear special clothes or eat special food. Well, that isn’t the case when this specific weapon attacks a Talus!

Defeating the Talus on The Great Plateau with an Iron Sledgehammer, view more Great Plateau tips here!

When attacking a Talus, the Iron Sledgehammers base attack damage of 12 is multiplied by 8 (X8), to have a total attack damage of 96! The Talus stands no chance! It actually makes sense that this happens, as the Talus is – in essence – big, angry rocks! As a tool used to mine large rocks, the Sledgehammer is the perfect weapon for the job!

But the Iron Sledgehammer isn’t the only weapon with this power. Other weapons that are used to mine rocks like the Stone Smasher or the Drillshaft have X4 or X2 damage when fighting Taluses.

FUN FACT: All these weapons that are used to mine rocks, will destroy the Tebbits (small Taluses) in one hit, this is a power that is only equalled by the Master Cycle. If you’d like to know more about the Master Cycle’s abilities, check out our Things you didn’t know about the Master Cycle (BotW) Guide!

Multi-Shot Bows – Nemesis of Talus

Multi-Shot Bows are the best thing in the game for dealing damage to bosses. Fast, cool and numerous!


If you can, try to glide down to the Talus from a side where you can see its weak spot – the ore on its back. If you need an updraft, check out our Guide to Updrafts (BotW), there are more ways than you think!

multishot ancient arrow talus


A flurry of any type of arrow will deal tons of damage, especially the ancient arrow! (Though they are a bit costly!) You can get X3 and X5 multi-shot bows from Lynels. Personally, I enjoy using the Savage Lynel Bow as it is the strongest bow in the game, but it is difficult to acquire, so I recommend visiting our Tips for Attacking a Lynel (BotW) to become a Master Lynel Slayer!

Stasis+ | Freeze the Talus

Though it may seem simple, using Stasis+ can help masses when fighting Taluses! Think about it, though they are large, they can spin around to do two things: Attack you and defend its weak spot. Using Stasis+ gives you that couple of extra seconds to attack it properly!

SECOND FUN FACT: Using Stasis actually increases the damage a weapon will deal to any enemy, ranging from a red bokoblin to Calamity Ganon!

stasis talus

I hope you enjoyed this article and I hope it helped. Just think, before, you’d either die or waste 3 Urbosa’s Furies to kill a Talus. Now you have the knowledge to glide down and release 50 shock arrows at the Talus, Stasis it and beat it with a Sledgehammer! Ever beaten a Talus in 10 Seconds? Give it a go!

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