Using Bombs to the Full Extent – BotW

Bombs in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild are a particularly helpful item… at the beginning of the game. Once you finish all of the Divine Beasts, bombs become increasingly futile, only really being used for certain Korok Puzzles. However, I can show you how to use them even more to improve gameplay and have loads of fun!


You may know how Windbombs work already from watching YouTube videos or by viewing other articles that discuss them. But in case you haven’t, a Windbomb is an epic (yet small) glitch tactic in BotW! They can allow you to travel great distances in a very short space of time!

Fun fact: did you know that by using multiple Windbombs, you can actually get for the Great Plateau to Hyrule Castle!

Link performing a Wind Bomb from the Great Plateau Tower
Link performing a Mid Air Wind Bomb

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Kibako Launches!

Kibako Launches are exceedingly similar to Windbombs, however they are a little different. They are far easier and take less time to learn how to perform. They consist of using two bombs and wooden crate to launch yourself in the air!

Fast Kibako Launch | BotW

Kibako Launches help more that you’d think, we can teach you how to do them here!

Raiding Camps!

Ever feel like you’ve died a thousand times to the same enemy camp and whatever you try to do you can’t defeat the enemies or escape? You have the best armour, the best food etc. and you still can’t win! This is where bombs, wind bombs, and bomb arrows can come in extremely useful! Take a look!

Enemy camp attack bombs


Thought it’s sometimes not the fastest method of travel in Breath of the Wild, BLSS can get you places faster than walking, horse-riding and even motor-cycling! A bit tricky to learn, but a bit of practice and we’re sure you can do it blindfolded with the controller behind your back!

Note: This is only the final step! If you’d like to find out how to pull off this amazing trick, check out our full Guide to BLSS (BotW)!

I hope you enjoyed this article and I hope it helped! Hopefully you’ll find bombs way more useful that you did before! Turns out exploding stuff in Breath of the Wild is actually pretty cool!


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