Top 5 Things you didn’t know about Divine Beasts – BotW.

The Divine Beasts in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild are one of the mest revolutionary in-game pieces of technology in the entire Zelda series. Created by the infamous Sheikah 10,100 years before the main events of BotW, they were created to assist the Hero and the Princess defeat Calamity Ganon. However, there are a few things that not many people know about them that I can show you now!

1) You can explore them after you’ve already completed them! – DLC Necessary.

Once you clear the four enemy encampments with the One-Hit Obliterator in Breath of the Wild’s second DLC, you can enter Divine Beasts again! Many know this as clear as day, however, many people never realise the fact that you can re-explore them to the full extent once again! As soon as you leave the main room where the battles with the blights take place, they won’t bother you anymore, the only thing that will is that annoying fog that seems to cloud Link’s memory!

thunderblight ganon

2) The One-Hit Obliterator can fall out of the Sky! – DLC Necessary.

one hit obliterator

Ok, you are 100% definitely going to think I’m lying, but I promise you I’m not! If you wanna test this you can, but you’ll need the Second DLC.

If you travel to any of the Divine Beasts, don’t move, face them and look up! After about 30 Seconds, the One-Hit Obliterator will fall out of the sky! Be sure to press A quick though, as it falls quickly. Unfortunately, you can’t use it, it just gives you the same message as it does in the Shrine of Resurrection:

“It has fulfilled its purpose. It slumbers peacefully.”

Speech of the One-Hit Obliterator – Post Second DLC.

3) You can see all of the Divine Beasts from Link’s House!

Link’s House in Hateno can be purchased from Bolson Construction at any time in the Game (Post Great Plateau). The design of his house has always struck many players as a replica as models from older games, the most prominent being A Link to the Past and A Link Between Worlds! The houses in those games look similar, appear to be of the same material as BotW and possess a large apple tree next to it! Very Similar!

But what many players do not realise is from the top of the Home’s Chimney you can view all of the Divine Beasts!

  • Divine Beast Vah Naboris of the Gerudo Desert, on top of Spectator Rock.
  • Divine Beast Vah Medoh of Rito Village, on top of the Pillar of the Rito.
  • Divine Beast Vah Rudania of the Eldin Region, on top of Death Mountain.
  • Divine Beast Vah Ruta of the Lanayru Region, on top of the Cliff near Zora’s Domain.

4) There exist different Champions’ Messages! – DLC Necessary.

Most people don’t realise this as its not very common that you’d like to go through an excruciatingly painful fight with Thunderblight Ganon more than twice. However, if you chose to repeat the Divine Beast Battles a few times, the Messages the Champions give you differ! There are actually a few comedic comments that they make! Makes it worth it to defeat the blights a few times!

5) There’s a theory that the Moon is a Fifth/Sixth/Seventh Divine Beast!

hino selfie
moon from link's house
moblin blood moon

Ok, I saved this one for last as, 1) It’s a theory, not a fact and, 2) It’s one of the more wild theories that’s just for fun and doesn’t really have any proper evidence to support it.

The theory is that the Moon is a Fifth/Sixth/Seventh Divine Beast (depending on whether you consider the Master Cycle and Monk Maz Koshia’s Machinery as Divine Beasts). The main piece of evidence is the Blood Moon. The Moon’s Ability to revive fallen creatures, monsters, vegetation and certain chests implies that its power is more than magic, it could be technology!

large blood moon
hyrule castle blood moon
lizalfos revive
If the Moon counts as a Divine Beast, you can also see it from Link’s House!

There are many plausible reasons why the Sheikah may have made a technological moon, or at least created technology on an already existing moon. The properties of the Blood Moon were likely resulting in much better outcomes than they do during gameplay, without so many monsters in our world, all that would have regenerated would have been the natural world. If you think about it, a moon with that power would have been the Sheikah’s most advanced and revolutionary piece of tech.

We have already seen this technology in-game, believe it or not! The technology laced within the inner workings of the Shrine of Resurrection are used at the very beginning of the game to revive our fallen Hero! If you imagine this same technology on the moon, the products would be unlimited food, resources, livestock, ores etc. It would convert the Earth or at least Hyrule into a fully self-sustainable system! The positioning of the Moon would mean its ability would cover the entire planet meaning it’s the perfect place to put it!

If you wanna find out if you have a Blood Moon tonight or what night it is, you can talk to Hino at the Dueling Peaks Stable! If you rest by the Campfire or sleep in one of the Stable’s Beds you actually progress the timer that sets the next Blood Moon as you pass another midnight! Interesting! And Handy!

I hope you enjoyed this article and I hope you found something here that you didn’t know about! If you like this kind of thing, feel free to check out our other articles like the Top 3 Things To Do Before Leaving The Great Plateau (BotW), there’s always more to find out about The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild!

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