Beating the rain whilst Climbing using Whistle Sprinting in Breath of the Wild!

One of the most annoying things in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is rain! It amplifies enemies’ electricity, it makes stuff hard to see, but worst of all: it makes it impossible to climb! You’ve been tracking a shrine for ten minutes, you finally reach it, but one massive stone cliff lies in your path to victory. You have three wheels of stamina and all the climbing gear in existence, you eat some stamina food and some speed-up food just to be sure. But after all of this preparation, you reach the top with one jump left to do. You look at your stamina, it’s in the red. You attempt the jump… and you fall! In this article, I can help you to scale this cliff with one bar of stamina and nothing else! Well – you’ll need to be able to whistle – it’s called whistle sprinting!

Finding where you can Whistle Sprint

You can whistle sprint almost anywhere, as long as the platform is below an approx. 70° angle. Even if it seems like a very steep cliff, chances are you can use this technique to scale it! Though, do be sure the entire cliff you’ll attempt to climb is climbable as if you are pretty far up and you fall, well… It’ll be bad!

whistle sprint

Learning the Sprint

Whistle Sprinting isn’t as fast as running, but it’s faster than walking and will allow you to climb. To get started, you’ll need to hold the controller in an awkward position. Hold the left side of the controller with you left hand (obviously) but with your index finger beneath the joystick. Hold the right side as normal. Just to let you know, using a pro controller can be easier, but joycons work as well.

Hold the left joystick to start walking as normal, press and hold B and spam (press repeatedly quickly) the down button on the D-Pad. This is all that’s needed for Whistle Sprinting! This works as:

  • You are walking forward using the joystick.
  • You are whistling (using the down button) which prevents your stamina from decreasing.
  • You are constantly canceling and restarting whistling by spamming B.
  • And you are increasing speed half-way by spamming B as well!
whistle sprint hold

Whistle Sprinting Cons

There are a couple of things that make whistle sprinting annoying however, which means you shouldn’t use it all the time.

  • The whistling involved consistently calls your horse so he will constantly try to get to you.
  • If you have the DLC Ancient Horse Gear equipped on your horse, he will always teleport to you.
  • If you have the Wolf Link Amiibo active then he will always chase after you as well (which is not so much a con, but I thought I’d let you know).
  • Whistling will alert any nearby enemies, they will also chase after you and attack you.

Just keep these things in mind when you use the technique, but beside these points, it’s a brilliant technique to avoid the rain when climbing!

I hope this guide helped! If you’d like to know more cool tricks in Breath of the Wild we have plenty more! I recommend the BotW Kibako Launch or BotW BLSS!

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