Top 5 Things to do with Random Items in Breath of the Wild

Collecting items in Breath of the Wild can be a fun, homemade side-quest. Think of it, you spend hours playing one of the funnest games in the world, completing the whole game, collecting stuff, and at the end you get to look at your inventory and find millions of items! But then you realise, “Oh, I’ve got nothing to do with all this stuff!” That’s where I come in, cause seriously, what’s the point in having 140 Keese Eyeballs and 200 Rock Salt? Well I can show you the point, read on to find out what to do!

Item Fuel – DLC Necessary

For users of the Master Cycle Zero, it can be very annoying when you run out of fuel, this is the perfect time to turn those unnecessary items into handy ones! More expensive and rare items like Giant Ancient Cores and Star Fragments fuel the Cycle with only a couple of items, which is great! But seriously common items like Rock Salt also fuel the machinery. Albeit, you’ll need more of these items than the more expensive ones, but who is gonna use three Ancient Cores that you need to defeat five Guardians to acquire, or use 10 keese wings because they came to you?!


kilton selfie

Kilton can give you very helpful items like the Dark Series that allows you to run twice as fast at night, plus, it’s really cool! But the best things about Kilton is that his currency is the trade of Monster Parts! All those bokoblin guts and lizalfos tails and chuchu jelly that was completely useless, can now be used to buy things from Fang & Bone! (Kilton’s Shop).


In combat, you may be annoyed when a moblin hits you with his spear and you lose seven hearts! Or when you try to use a bomb and it goes wrong; the enemy gets away fine and you lose even more life! What you may need is better gear to defend yourself and some better armour so you don’t take as much damage!


Do you ever go through so many shrines, or defeat so many guardians in Hyrule Castle or Lomei Labyrinth and are just left with over 100 ancient screws, 10 ancient cores and 5 giant ancient cores? Well here’s how you can use them! In the Akkala Ancient tech lab, you can buy different gear. All of this is quite expensive, but if you’ve been collecting a while and have nothing to do with all of this stuff, why not put it to good use? I recommend 50 Ancient Arrows and 3-5 Ancient Bows!

buying from akkala atl
guardian armour and weapons flex
ancient materials


great fairy enhance menu

You may have some pretty strong armour already like the Guardian Set, or the Barbarian Set which grant you different abilities, but upgrading these armours at Great Fairy Fountains can help you loads! The first 2-3 times you upgrade each and every piece of protection usually consists of easy-to-find but laborious-to-gather items such as 2 Electric Keese Wings, 3 Electric Chuchu Jelly and 1 Yellow Lizalfos Tail. If you haven’t been using your items up until this point, this is another brilliant time to spend them!

Also, that’s not the only thing Fairy Fountains are good for, you can also perform a pretty cool glitch using them! Check out our Fairy Fountain Glitch (BotW) Guide!


There are multiple instances in Breath of the Wild where you can exchange some resources for other, for example, there‚Äôs a Zora named Ledo in Zora’s Domain who gives you the, ‘Luminous Stone Gathering,’ Side Quest. This side quest allows you to trade 10 Luminous Stone in exchange for 1 diamond, except for the first exchange when he’ll give you 2! Oh yeah, it’s a repeatable side quest so you can get as many Diamonds as you’d like!

You can also exchange materials such as wood and flint etc. along with one diamond for one of the Champions’ Gear Pieces! These pieces of weaponry are the best of the best. Besides the Hylian Shield, Urbosa’s Daybreaker Shield has the most durability in the game with a mark of 60! Impressive!


You can easily trade raw materials for rupees, and valuable materials will fetch a high price, like the diamond which will get you 500! But how about I show you something that can get you 2,250 Rupees?! Interested? Take a look!

You’ll need some materials from enemies that are difficult to defeat, but (once again) if you’ve been stockpiling, I’m sure you’ll have enough! We’re gonna make an elixir, at a cooking pot: cook four expensive monster parts and one insect. Cooking the monster parts amplifies the price of them, so when I used four Lynel Guts and one Restless Cricket, I sold my elixir for 2,250 rupees! See for yourself… And of course you know what rupees can do!

I hope you enjoyed this article, and I hope you found something here that will help to get rid of all those keese wings you have lying around! If, at the end of all of this, you find yourself with to many of them, you may want to know more about all these rupees!

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