Flying Guardian Glitch – BotW

This glitch is one of the most peculiar in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. 1) Because it looks hilarious and 2) because it doesn’t seem like anything causes the glitch to happen. Here’s how to do it!

What is needed to make the Flying Guardian?

The glitch is surprisingly simple but you do need some specific things:

  • A guardian near or on shallow water.
  • A raft nearby the guardian.
  • A Korok Leaf (Can easily be found by the Chaas Qeta Shrine).
  • The Cryonis Rune.
  • The Stasis Rune (optional but helpful).
  • A bow.
  • Arrows of any kind.
  • A strong weapon.

Nearly all of these things are easily collectable on the Great Plateau, as for the strong weapon, I recommend the Master Sword. This mighty weapon can actually be obtained right after leaving the Great Plateau, with three hearts! Follow our Tutorial here!


Although not essential, this glitch is more easily performed in Master Mode, you’ll find out why later.

How to perform the glitch?

There are three things you need to know for this glitch: Location, Gathering and Completion. Let’s start with Location.

Where to perform the glitch?

The best place to perform this glitch is just north of Kakariko Village in the south of the Lanayru Wetlands. The Raft is the north of Telta Lake and the Guardian is in the Millennio Sandbar.

How to get the raft to the Guardian?

There’s a separate (small) glitch you need to use to get the raft over a small fence that separates Telta Lake from the Lanayru Wetlands.

You can flip something wildly high into the air by utilising the bullet-time physics when you use a bow in mid-air and Cryonis. To perform the glitch, place a cryonis pillar underneath the object when it’s in water and as the ice grows, jump and open your bow to enter bullet time. When you exit bullet time, the speed of the object will increase dramatically and fly into the air.

The speed of the the object will vary depending on what stage of cryonis you enter bullet time. The growth of the ice pillar changes speed as it rises. Entering bullet time during the first – slow – stage will result in the object being pushed up a little, while entering bullet time during the second – faster – stage will result in the object being pushed up far.

Perform the glitch with the Raft after using the Korok Leaf to push it next to the fence. Stand on the nearby cliff or another cryonis pillar and enter bullet time during the slow stage of the Cryonis. Make sure you use the Cryonis so it leaps over the fence.

TIP: If you’re jumping into the water when entering bullet time, hold ZL to prevent Link diving as diving will make opening the bow impossible.

How to finally do the glitch?

Once the raft is over the fence, use the Korok Leaf to sail it over the Guardian. Once you are relatively near, park the raft somewhere and approach the Guardian. Use your strong weapon to destroy its legs so it’s immobile. Use Stasis to prevent it from attacking you meanwhile.

Once it’s immobile, use cryonis to move flip the guardian horizontally and move the raft right next to it so it’s at its base. Then, use cyronis underneath the guardians head so it flips on top of the raft. For whatever reason, the game’s physics engine will make the contraption of guardian + raft float into the air.

If you manage to get onto the raft before it flies away, you can take a trip to the skies of Hyrule, it really is a wonderful place!

flying guardian featured image

However, it doesn’t compare to the travel capabilities of a Wind Bomb or BLSS, they are way better for top speed and unlimited distance! I hope you enjoyed this article and I hope it helped! You can always find something help you right here on MyGaming.News.


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