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The Shee Vaneer and Shee Venath Shrines are unique to the rest of the shrines as they are identical to each other. To complete one you must view the other, interesting. Let’s see how to complete them!


Both of the Shrines are located on top of the Dueling Peaks; Shee Vaneer is on top of the Southern Peak and Shee Venath is on a shelf underneath the Northern Peak. I recommend traversing the mountain by walking/climbing the northern side as it is far less steep than any other direction.

Forewarning: The mountain is covered with Taluses, Enemy Camps and Guardians, so be careful where you tread!

shee vaneer location


Upon entering one of the shrines you will be able to see: The Monk, a Sheikah Sign, and twenty-five holes where shrine orbs are supposed to go. Upon entering the second shrine, you will see the exact same, except it is mirrored.

Rearrange the Orbs

In order to unlock the gate to the monk, you need to rearrange the five already positioned orbs to their correct destinations. The destinations can by found by visiting the opposite shrine; one shrine will tell you how to complete the other.

But, if you can’t be bothered to go back and forth and write stuff down, here are the correct formats for the positions of the orbs:

Shee Vaneer

shee veneer incomplete orbs
shee veneer completed orbs

For the Shee Vaneer Shrine, move the orbs to the following locations:

  • B5 to E5
  • D4 to A4
  • A3 to B3
  • D3 to D4
  • E1 to B1

Shee Venath

shee vaneth incomplete orbs
shee vaneth completed orbs

For the Shee Venath Shrine, move the orbs to the following locations:

  • E5 to B5
  • A4 to D4
  • B3 to A3
  • D4 to D3
  • B1 to E1

Once the orbs are in their correct positions, the gate will open to the monk and you can complete the shrine. Follow the video down below to see the proper movement of the orbs.


However, before you go, you may be interested in picking up a couple of chests. Walk up the ramp that is on the opposite side of the room from the gate and wait for the elevator; step on the elevator when it comes. Once you have reached the upper platform, glide round the pillar you are facing to reach the chest. The Shee Vaneer chest contains an Eightfold Longblade and the Shee Venath Shrine contains a Serpentine Spear.

Full Video Walkthrough

Shee Vaneer and Shee Vaneth Shrine Walkthroughs

I hope you enjoyed this article and I hope it helped! Feel free to check out our other cache of Shrine Walkthroughs to find whichever one you’re looking for!

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