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There are numerous side quests in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’s Kakariko Village that are as unique as they are strange. But what you might not know is collectively, their reward is a secondary Kakariko Sheikah Shrine. Let’s see how to unlock and solve Lakna Rokee!

Kakariko Side Quests

The Side Quests in Kakariko that unlock Lakna Rokee Shrine are as follows:

  • Flown the Coop.
  • Find the Fairy Fountain.
  • By Firefly’s Light.

Each of these are necessary to complete in order to begin the, “The Stolen Heirloom,” Shrine Quest of which the result is the Shrine itself.

lakna rokee location

Flown the Coop

The Flown the Coop side quest – in my personal opinion – is normally the most annoying because it involves finding ten cuccos who have wandered all across the village. There are, however, a couple of things that can help! The first is acquiring the Sheikah Sensor+ from the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab – this can be used to utilize a photo of the cucco you will take to scan for more in the vicinity. The second thing I recommend using is this list of all the locations of all ten Cuccos:

  • One is next to the Ta’loh Naeg Shrine (the first shrine in Kakariko, on top of the hill).
  • Another is on top of, ‘Enchanted;’ the resident armour store.
  • Another is in the plum garden situated behind, ‘Enchanted.’
    • This is a tricky one as if you enter the plum garden while the old lady is watching, she’ll shout at you for ruining her plum trees. The way to solve this has two methods:
      • Shoot the cucco and hope it runs to the edge at which point you can pick it up.
      • Or you can wait till night when the old lady will go to bed and you can enter the garden free of random old-lady-teleportation.
  • Another cucco is by the Goddess Statue in front of Impa’s house; it is next to the campfire.
  • Another is nearby the bridge near the entrance to town.
  • Another is on top of the house next to that very bridge.
  • Another is in a smaller structure at the southeast part of the village.
  • The last three are already in the coop when you start the side quest.

To begin the side quest, you need to wait for the Kakariko Sheikah Cado to walk home after his shift has finished guarding Impa’s house. He will be in pure agony after his wife left him and now his cuccos have as well. Your mission is to collect all of them and return them to him. I fully recommend using the aforementioned list and/or the images below.

flc enchanted

flc shrine

flc plum garden

flc statue

flc house

flc sturcture

flc bridge

flc full

cucco locations

Once you have returned all the cuccos to Cado, he will give you some rupees as a reward and you can move onto the next Side Quest!

Find the Fairy Fountain

The next side quest is possibly the easiest but still takes some time and some rupees. Depending on how many of the Fairy Fountains you have unlocked, the price to unlock this one will vary from 100 rupees to 10,000. If you are short on rupees, you con find out how to get more from our Top Three Things You Didn’t Know about Rupees guide.

Once you have the Fountain unlocked, take a photo of it and talk to Pikango in Kakariko Village; he will tell you of the Fountain that he would like to see but can’t find. If you talk to him before taking the photograph, he will ask you to follow him up the hill but he gets tired after reaching the shrine so you need to go on without him. This makes that method very long-winded so it’s easier to take the photograph beforehand and show it to him when you meet him for the first time.

He will reward you with some rupees and now can be found all over Hyrule and will assist you in your search for the memories from 100 years ago.

great fairy fountain
show pikango

By Firefly’s Light

This side quest entails meeting a young Sheikah Woman in her home at night – I know, seems a bit wrong Nintendo. But this is to make her happy with some fireflies that she can’t see anymore due to the overrun of perilous monsters. She lives in one of the houses at the top of the village – it’s the one that has a small patch of garden with tall, green vegetation – and she lives with her grandma, the crazy plum lady from earlier.

To begin the side quest you need to talk to her when she is already in her house at night. At first she will be startled that you barged into her house but then she will begin to talk to you about her story of not being able to see the fireflies anymore – sad. What you must do is collect 5 fireflies and bring them to her.

There are actually numerous fireflies just outside her house, on the bridge. I recommend acquiring the Stealth Set of clothes from, ‘Enchanted;’ the armour shop of Kakariko – this will help you to reach the fireflies without scaring them away. If for whatever reason they are scared and you don’t manage to collect all five, there are more in the forest near the Fairy Fountain and just past the first Shrine in Kakariko: Ta’loh Naeg.

Once you have collected all five, return to the woman’s house and release them inside, this will make her happy and she will – like every side quest here – give you some rupees. You can be generous and leave them for her or be greedy and take them back to cook into sneaky elixer, your choice. Either, you are now into the Shrine Quest: “The Stolen Heirloom.”



The Stolen Heirloom Shrine Quest

Once you have completed the three main side quests of Kakariko Village, you need to travel to Impa’s House where the two guards outside are in a state of panic. If you walk into Impa’s house – which you must do – you will find three things: Impa worrying, Paya crying and the heirloom stolen, (hence the name, “The Stolen Heirloom,” haha).

the stolen heirloom

Upon talking to either Paya or Impa, they will explain that they have no idea who stole it as the house is off-limits to outsiders and none of the villagers would do such a thing. You will spend the night with Paya and make her feel better. Now you need to leave Impa’s house an annihilate whoever upset Paya – sort of.

Go to the hotel in Kakariko or use the campfire to wait until nighttime, then wait until 10 o’clock. At this point, Dorian (one of the Sheikah Soldiers outside Impa’s house) will walk to the southern part of town, climb up the hill, travel past the shrine and over the bridge in the forest to a Shrine Pedestal in the woods. You need to follow him, you can either:

  • Follow him at a distance as if he sees you he will go home and you need to restart the next day.
  • Or you can go ahead of him at any pace and wait for him – hidden – by the bridge.

If you decided to follow him, I recommend equipping sneaky clothes as it makes it easier. Once he has crossed the bridge, save and follow him there. A cutscene will play which will explain that Dorian is an ex-Yiga Clan Member – shocker. He previously explained to one of his ex-clan members that he knew the location of a Shrine Orb. The Yiga Clan member then stole the Orb and they both went to the Pedestal where you are now. The Clan member then exclaims that the two have an audience, referring to you, at which point you are forced to battle him.

The far easiest way to battle him is to just use Urbosa’s Fury or an ancient arrow, alternatively you can follow the following tips to beat him easily:

  • Take advantage of the pedestal to jump off and enter bullet-time with your bow. Aim for the head for critical shots, deal double damage.
  • Target him with ZL to hold up your shield – equip a shield if you haven’t – to protect yourself from his wind blasts.
  • Use a Spear or one-handed weapon as he will be able to dodge your attacks very quickly and a large two-handed weapon will be too slow.
  • Try and perform a flurry-rush time to land way more hits and deal way more damage. This can be done by ZL-targeting and jumping out of the way of his attacks.
  • Take advantage of the updrafts he creates to glide and enter bullet-time with your bow. Aim for the head for critical shots, deal double damage once again.Use shock arrows as they stun him and deal more damage.

Once the battle is over, you will have a brief conversation with Dorian and then be forced to use the Heirloom (now discovered to be a Shrine Orb – again, shocker, I know) to unlock the Lakna Rokee Shrine. Congratulations.

Battle with Yiga for Lakna Rokee Shrine

Lakna Rokee Shrine

The Lakna Rokee Shrine itself is just a blessing so there are no puzzles to solve nor guardian to fight. Upon entering it you will see a chest surrounded with water and the monk at the very close ending. The chest contains an Edge of Duality, once you have acquired it, you can collect the Spirit Orb from Monk Lakna Rokee. Congratulations, you have completed the three main Kakariko Side Quests, fulfilled the Heirloom’s duty, made Paya happy and have completed both Kakariko Shrines!

I hope you enjoyed this article and I hope it helped! Feel free to check out our other cache of Shrine Walkthroughs to find whichever one you’re looking for!


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