DB Vah Ruta – Completing Divine Beast Vah Ruta

Divine Beast Vah Ruta is by far the easiest Divine Beast to complete, Waterblight Ganon is pretty weak and it’s not too challenging to enter compared with Divine Beasts Vah Naboris and Vah Rudania. Let’s see how to complete the Divine Beast itself!

Entering the Divine Beast

Once you have the Zora Armour from King Dorephan and the 20 Shock Arrows from Ploymus Mountain, you can speak with Prince Sidon at the Reservoir. If you’re ready to complete the Divine Beast, then let’s go!

NOT SO QUICK-ISH A TIP BUT STILL A VEERY USEFUL TIP: The Master Sword will assist you massively in this Divine Beast, especially for Waterblight Ganon! Don’t worry if you don’t have enough hearts, I know an AMAZING trick to get it right away, just check out our Getting the Master Sword Early (BotW) Guide!

Sidon will let you sit on his back while he swims around Divine Beast Vah Ruta repeatedly. Whilst you’re swimming round and around, Vah Ruta will launch many Ice Cubes and Ice Stars towards you which will deal damage and knock you off Sidon. To solve this, use your Cryonis Rune to break the ice or make an ice pillar in the water directly in the path of the ice. The Ice Cubes will fly straight towards you while the Ice Stars will fly behind you and hit you from the back.

When Sidon leads you to one of the four waterfalls, make sure you have the Zora Armour, good bow and shock arrows equipped, then swim up the waterfall. Do Not get off Sidon and the swim up the waterfall as you won’t fly as high, so simply press A to climb the water. Once, you are in the air, open your bow and shoot the four pink orbs on top of Vah Ruta with Shock Arrows, this will disable Vah Ruta’s Shield so you can enter!

Once this is completed, enter the Divine Beast and wait for the 38 minute cutscene to finish.

Completing Divine Beast Vah Ruta

The Divine Beast consists of a map, five terminals which control the Divine Beast, and the Main Control Unit. You’ll need to reach all of them.

Getting the Map of the Divine Beast

Once you’re in, Mipha will show you where you can acquire the map. Walk forward into the Divine Beast and kill the Malice Eye controlling the Malice Barrier in your way. Destroy the Guardian Scout and shoot the Malice Eye in the water on the right of the door to your left. This will allow you to access the door’s mechanism – now all you need to do to access the next room is place a Cryonis Pillar beneath the door to lift it up.

Walk around the Cryonis Block and examine the map pedestal, you’ll download the map of the Divine Beast in 3D, allowing you to control the trunk of the elephant-like machine.

Getting the Terminals

As I said before, there are 5 terminals in Divine Beast Vah Ruta, you must activate all of them before reaching the Main Control Unit. Be aware, this Divine Beast has many chests containing various items such as fire arrows are halberds but this walkthrough won’t cover them – however, their out in the open!

The Terminal by the Entrance

After exiting the small room with the map pedestal, return to the entrance room and look to the right of the entrance. Use Magnesis on the lever and turn it round multiple times in order to lift the terminal out of the water. Examine it and move onto the next one!

The Terminal in the Small Cog

Walk outside through the door opposite the entrance and turn to the right to climb up the ramp. Defeat the guardian and walk into the next room. The waterfall mechanism to the left of the cog in front of you is turning the cog in front of you. The Terminal is inside the Cog and is rotating too fast and submerging in the water so you can’t examine it.

When the Terminal is nearing the lowest part of the cog, use Cryonis on the waterfall mechanism to stop the waterflow and lower the water level so you can access the Terminal. Examine it and move onto the next one!

The Terminal in the Giant Cog

Look at the map on your Sheikah Slate and move the trunk to the 5th position from the top. This will direct the water flow from the trunk to rotate the Giant Cog forward and spin the Terminal with it. Either walk around the outside of the Divine Beast past the Small Cog or jump over the border of the Giant Cog like in the Video at the end of the Article [timestamp 09:50].

Stand on the bridge leading to the Terminal and get your Stasis ready. The Sheikah Orb opens the door to the Terminal when it’s in the small Sheikah Plate but it falls out due to gravity before you can enter the door. There are two ways to solve this: either glide down into the terminal cubical or use stasis on the orb to keep the door open so you can simply walk to the Terminal. Examine it and move onto the next one!

The Terminal at the End of the Trunk

Walk back to the Small Cog and jump onto one of the platforms attached to the Giant Cog – just beware of the Malice. Use it to get to the higher platform and then defeat the guardian scout up there. Once he’s defeated, stand on the button to the left of the Giant Cog; this will activate a waterfall from the entrance to the platform you’re on now.

Walk through to the end of the corridor ahead of you; here you will encounter the trunk of the Divine Beast which you raised earlier. Lower it all the way to the bottom and glide down to the Terminal, when you reach the spout, raise the trunk bit by bit so you can maneuver round the spout to the Terminal. Examine it and move onto the next one!

The Terminal Guarded by Fire

Lift the Trunk all the way to the top and glide down to the area in the Elephant’s head which has the final Terminal guarded by a ring of fire. To get to the Terminal, climb the ramp, defeat the Malice Enemies and shoot the Malice Eye. Next, use Magnesis on the the Metal Lever and rotate it to unlock the hatch on the roof.

Move the Trunk to let the water through the hatch and extinguish the flames – you can now access the Terminal. Examine it and move onto the next… ah, that’s the last one! You can now move onto the Main Terminal and defeat the boss of this Divine Beast!

Defeating Waterblight Ganon

Even though Waterblight Ganon is the easiest of the four Blight Ganons, he is still a tad tricky. Travel over to the Main Control Unit through to the right of the entrance. Equip your strongest armour, the master sword if you have it, your strongest weapon if not, and make sure you have full hearts!

Now, examine the Unit…

Waterblight Fight Phase 1

The main attack Waterblight will use is to launch his Spear towards you, you can easily dodge this by moving in another direction or parry the spear with your shield. Run over to the Blight and hit him repeatedly as many times as possible, but run away when he begins to lower his spear to you. Do this enough times and you will end Phase 1.

Waterblight Fight Phase 2

Once you reach Phase 2, Waterblight Ganon will raise the water levels and you’ll only have four small platforms to stand on. Waterblight will now shoot the Cryonis blocks like from outside the Divine Beast. You can use Cryonis to break them or use Stasis to freeze them in time, hit them and shoot them back at the Divine Beast’s Boss.

Now, the best way I know to attack Waterblight is to press ZL to bring out your shield and jump off the platform. Halfway falling, open your bow and shoot the Blight Ganon three times in the head to knock him out. Swim over to him, use Stasis and hit him as many times as possible. Repeat as many times until he’s finished! Well done, you’ve completed Divine Beast Vah Ruta!

Collect the heart container and examine the Unit one last time.

Full Video Walkthrough

Complete Walkthrough of Divine Beast Vah Ruta

Upon finishing the seemingly endless cutscenes, you will receive Mipha’s Grace which will revive you after dying and give you five extra yellow hearts! Very helpful, very helpful. Finally, go and visit the Throne Room and have a lengthy conversation with the King. Pick up the Lightscale Trident and rejoice in the fact that you have completed Divine Beast Vah Ruta!


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