Top 3 Tips for Attacking Hinoxen (BotW)

There are multiple cases in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild that you need to attack a Hinox. Eventide Island, that shrine where you need to get the three orbs from the Hinox Brothers, getting the Hylian Shield, in all these cases you need to at least confront a Hinox, here’s how you can defeat a Hinox with ease!

Dodging attacks

A lot of people don’t know that when a Hinox picks up a tree, about half the time it’s a bent tree! In this case, the tree won’t hit you at all unless the Hinox throws it! Furthermore, if the Hinox uses a swipe attack with the tree, you can simply duck and you’ll fit underneath the attack!

Also, did you know you can completely run underneath a Hinox? It’s an easy way to prevent it from attacking you!

The Stallnox

When the Stallnox rips it’s ribs out to attack you, the bent nature of the rib acts just like the bent tree and will completely miss you if he tries to attack you! The same rule applies with the ribs as the trees if you duck when he does a swipe attack!

But by far the best trick you can learn to attack the Stallnox is to kill it with a single bomb arrow! The one condition is, it need to be around 4:40 am. Most people know that all stal enemies collapse at sunup, around 5 am, and simply don’t die. The Stallnox is the same except for one thing! If the eye happens to be out of its skull at 5 am, it will die rather than simply collapse!

To add to this dilemma the Stallnox has to deal with, a bomb arrow straight to the eye will knock it out! So a well timed bomb arrow will keep the eye out at 5 o’clock and kill the Stallnox!

Shh… Don’t wake it up!

If you still don’t want to wake up the Hinox but need the orb or weaponry that it has, there’s still hope! It’s easier to do this with the Sheikah stealth armour, but if you fly down from above, or crouch along his arm, you can still steal whatever you want without waking him up!

Stealing from a Stalnox

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I hope you enjoyed this article and I hope it helped! Before you go, here’s another tip! If you’re looking for ways to level up your game in BotW, check out our guide to defeating a Lynel!

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