Top 3 things to do in Hyrule Castle before beating Ganon! (BotW)

Once you’re at the point in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild where you’re in Hyrule Castle, you’re probably going straight to Ganon as you’re excited to finish the game! However, there’s more to do than you think in the Castle of Doom!

Resource Collection

No matter what you want to do, you’ll always need resources, whether you’ll use or sell them, they’re necessary!

Defeat the Stallnox

The Stallnox in the Lockup is guarding the Hylian Shield, the shield with the most durability in the entire game! This can help massively in the Ganon fight so it’s definitely worth acquiring!

If you need a hand defeating a Stallnox, check out our Tips for Attacking Hinoxen!

Raid the Lockup!

The Lockup is full of enemies that can be very difficult to defeat, however, if you do defeat them, they’ll drop gems and weaponry that will help quite a bit! Just be sure to take out the enemies with the arrows first as they can be very annoying! Urbosa’s fury will help during this part!

Killing Lockup Enemies

Defeat the Rare Stone Talus

It may seem like something you wanna avoid, but if you manage to defeat the Talus found below Hyrule Castle, it’s almost definite you’ll receive a diamond! This can help with reacquiring one of the Champions’ weapons to help in the Ganon fight!

This is also the secret route to the Library!

Acquire free gear!

You may be surprised to know that there are chests containing a Shard of Naydra’s Horn and a Savage Lynel Shield in the same room below Hyrule Castle, I don’t think I need to explain how the Shield can help! And the Shard can help to upgrade your armour in order to better protect you during the Ganon fight!

I’d already collected the gear, but this is where they would be!

Fun facts!

Champions’ Abilities

The champions abilities take a lot less time to regen when you’re in Hyrule Castle than out! This also stacks with the + Abilities and can reduce Revali’s Gale to 40 seconds! Enjoy the speed!

Murder Holes

The Murder holes in the Castle actually function as Murder holes! You can shoot arrows out to guardians, while their laser launches don’t affect you inside!

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