Defeating Dark Beast Ganon in Unique Ways – BotW

Through popular opinion, Dark Beast Ganon is by far one of the easiest bosses in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – if not the very easiest! So, let’s find some better ways to beat the beast other than just using one bow!

Beat Dark Beast 1: The Master Sword

Everyone who has had the Master Sword for more than 5-10 minutes knows that you can’t just throw it away, at least not without glitches – complex glitches. What happens when you try to throw away the master sword is the following:

  1. The ‘throwing animation’ plays; Link swings the sword in the same way as he would with any other weapon.
  2. The animation extends and Link holds onto the sword for the whole swing.
  3. If you are on full hearts, a blue and white beam will leave the sword; The beam’s max distance will vary depending on how many heart containers you have.

This beam that the Master Sword emits deals damage to Dark Beast Ganon. Though it can be a little trickier to control and you can’t use it in bullet-time, it is on unique way of attacking the Incarnation of Malice!

Master Sword Ganon Attack

Beat Dark Beast 2: Ancient Arrows

Ancient Arrows are the perfect weapon for two scenarios: the first is the, “Oh no! Guardian! Use an ancient arrow at its head!” You know, the all classic panic of those piano notes screeching with tritones. The second scenario is when you just can’t be bothered to fight, the real, “Ugh,” moment of fighting 3 golden bokoblins and 2 golden moblins. But let me tell you about the third scenario.

Ancient Arrow Ganon Attack

Ancient arrows – strangely – also have the ability to utilise Zelda’s weakening of the Dark Beast’s malice to attack him. Precisely like the Light Arrows which Zelda made for the Bow of Light, firing an ancient arrow at Dark Beast will deal the same amount of damage as a Light arrow and the Master Sword!

Beat Dark Beast 3: Moon Jump

In case you didn’t know, moon jump is a glitch that is activated after riding a different horse to yours during the horse-riding-target-shooting minigame in south Hyrule. It allows you to jump repeatedly meaning you can gain infinite height!

This comes into play in the battle with Dark Beast when you gain height and can use the master sword, ancient arrows and light arrows to defeat the Calamity up close. I’m not sure how useful it would be or easy, but it sure is unique!

Beat Dark Beast 4: Honeycomb

Ok, so this is gonna sound weird, like really weird, but just follow me on this. First you are gonna need the following:

  • Stasis
  • 1-7 Courser Bee Honeys
  • A heavy weapon, e.g. Iron Sledgehammer


  • Active Moon Jump Glitch

This is the most impractical of all the methods of defeating Dark Beast Ganon, it involves hitting one of the weak spots on the Dark Beast which are formed by Zelda with a Honeycomb! The two main methods of doing this are by placing the courser bee honey or by using the moon jump glitch to get right up to Ganon and dropping the courser bee honey onto the weak spot itself!

FUN FACT: using courser bee honey as a method of defeating Dark Beast Ganon is a reference to, ‘A Link to the Past,’ where letting a golden bee loose in the Final Ganon Fight will deal double the damage of the Master Sword against Ganon for five consecutive hits!

Beat Dark Beast: Full battle

Dark Beast Ganon Fight in Full

I hope you enjoyed this article and I hope it helped! There are so many crazy things that you can do in this game it’s unreal! If you’d like to continue learning about other crazy stuff in this game, you can check out our articles on glitches and top tips!

P.S. That whole section on how courser bee honey can deal double damage to Ganon was a complete 100% lie, did I catch you out?! Comment below if you fell for the honeycomb trickery!

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