Things you didn’t know about food! (BotW)

Food in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of Wild is an excelentally exquisite system, but almost everyone who’s played the game past the main sections know how to use the cooking system. What I’m about to show you is things you may not have realised related to the food of Breath of the Wild.

Food has different Animations!

All different categories of food and items that restore health have different animations. From the simple eating an apple, to breaking Link’s molars crunching rock-hard food, to restoring health using a fairy; these uses all have different methods of being consumed!

Eating a Skewer!
Eating Rock hard food!
Eating Dubious food!
Eating an item!
Drinking an Elixir!
Using a fairy!

Near a cooking pot?

Did you know the food items menu comes up if you open your inventory, regardless of what you had open before if you are standing near a cooking pot? This makes you wonder what Nintendo was thinking when they came up with these ideas; “Well, what else can we do to this cooking pot Eiji?”, Hidemaro said, “How about we make the items related to food open when the player is near a it? Just another tiny detail!

Different Races

Did you ever think about the different races across Hyrule having different architectures etc.? The Sheikah have very Ninja Style housing whereas the Hylians have Medieval English feel. The Rito have bird nests and hanging houses as homes, whereas the Gerudo have Carved Desert stone! The only thing that all races keep the same, is the oddly large wok, of the infamous cooking pot!


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