Bring on the Heat! But Maybe not that High! (BotW)

The heat in some areas of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is immense! The scorching sands of the Gerudo Desert and the flaming fires of Death Mountain will either melt even the coldest ice-cream or burn your skewer to a crisp! Here’s how to deal with the heat early game!

Death Mountain

In Death Mountain, the simplest trick is great, but it does have its downsides. By spinning a two-handed weapon round it resets your burn timer and you can run for a bit longer before starting to burn again! The problem is, you need to continuously do it, and it does take your hearts, but it slows down the damage you take!

Gerudo Desert

A good trick but still a bit tricky in the Gerudo Desert is to magnesis a large weapon such as a Lynel Crusher and use it as shade! This works very well, but you can’t fight whilst doing this, and you have to walk parallel and perpendicular to the crusher.

Both Desert and Volcano

You’ll be surprised at this use of such a strange item! This item is rarely ever used in its normal form but is incredibly useful when used like this! What is the item? This item is chu chu jelly! By dowsing yourself with a regular chu chu Jelly, you can use it to stave off the heat of The Gerudo Desert and the flames of Death Mountain!

I hope you enjoyed this article and I hope it helps, if you’d like to get a Lynel Crusher to spin or use as shade, check out our tutorial to Defeat Lynels!


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