Link’s Spinning Head Glitch (BotW)

There’s a lot of weird stuff in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, but have you ever seen Link with a full on Spinning Head??? Let’s take a look!

Link’s Spinning Head

Upon starting a new game, make sure to never pick up any normal (non-elemental) arrows and never open the map! Optionally complete the activation of the Sheikah Tower and the first Shrine as normal then run over and collect any wooden shield you can find. The easiest ways are a boko shield from a bokoblin or the pot lid from outside the Old Man’s Hut.

From here, find a bokoblin that is shooting arrows at you and hold up your wooden shield to collect one. Walk away from the bokoblin while keeping up the shield and then put it away to collect the arrow. Now, open the map after clicking A or B to acknowledge picking up the arrow and close the map; Link’s head will start spinning! To deactivate the glitch, all you have to do is crouch. Enjoy… I guess!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this article and I hope it helps… if it can! If you enjoy strange glitches like this, be sure to check out all the other glitch articles we have!

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