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The Rota Ooh Shrine is one of those shrines that you visit for the lesser used aspects of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild; the Colosseum Ruins, a Hinox, a Fire Wizzrobe. At first visit, it can seem pretty tricky, but at further investigation you notice it’s not that hard. Here’s how to complete it!


The Rota Ooh Shrine is located just west of the Colosseum Ruins, just north of the Digdogg Suspension Bridge and just north-west of the Great Plateau.

Nearby is the Dah Kaso Shrine which is beneath the Digdogg Suspension Bridge – A Minor Test of Strength.


Walkthrough of Rota Ooh Shrine

Before starting, make sure you have a bow and at least six arrows – you’ll need them.

Upon first entering the Shrine, you’ll see the massive mechanism you’ll utilise to reach the monk. To your right is a crystal which – when hit – rotates the structure 90°. Shoot the crystal and follow the path around the left to find a chest containing a small key. Return to the entrance and shoot the crystal again. Use the small key to open the locked door ahead of the entrance and walk through the doorway to a Shrine Orb. Pick up the Shrine Orb and return to the entrance again.

Shoot the crystal to rotate the structure and look just below it – you’ll find a small basket-like container. Stand to its left and throw the orb into it, shoot the crystal again and the orb will fall into its plate on the other side of the structure. This will activate a raising-and-falling platform which will launch you into the air. Stand on it and open your paraglider at the climax of your jump to gain distance to glide to a chest straight ahead of you – open it to find a Feathered Edge blade.

Glide down again and use the platform to launch yourself into the air. Mid-jump, open your bow and shoot the crystal one last time to unlock the path to the exit. Walk up the stairs and acquire the Spirit Orb from the Shrine’s Monk!

Full Video Walkthrough

Rota Ooh Shrine / Passing of the Gates - BotW

I hope you enjoyed this article and I hope it helped! Feel free to check out our other cache of Shrine Walkthroughs to find whichever one you’re looking for!

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