Recovering Urbosa’s Gear (BotW)

In The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Urbosa’s Gear is very powerful but not immortal and eventually, it will break But fear not, there is a way to recover them! Here’s how!

Buliara: Expert of Gerudo Gear

The Scimitar of the Seven and Daybreaker Shield boast strength and durability matched by few other weapons in the game; the Daybreaker only being second place to the Hylian Shield when it comes to durability! Their owner, Urbosa was the Chief of the Gerudo and so it makes sense that the person you’re looking for is the highest ranking Gerudo Warrior: Buliara.

Buliara is the Chief’s personal bodyguard and, as such, she can be found in the Gerudo Throne Room at almost all times – constantly guarding Chief Makeela Riju. If you speak to her and explain the absence of your weaponry, she will offer to craft new gear for you with the condition that you bring her the resources.

Daybreaker Shield

To craft the Daybreaker Shield, you will require:

  • Gerudo Shield
  • 5 Flint
  • Diamond

A Gerudo Shield can be found on top of one of the pillars near the Dako Tah Shrine – just north of Gerudo Town.

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Scimitar of the Seven

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To craft the Scimitar of the Seven, you will require:

  • Gerudo Scimitar
  • 5 Flint
  • Diamond

A Gerudo Scimitar can be found in a storage alcove just south of the Gerudo Town Entrance – enter the Town and turn left, follow the wall to find it!

Return to Buliara with the given materials and explain that you have lost the weaponry. Though she is shocked that you could possibly lose such precious items, she is glad to make new ones for you!

Recovering Urbosa's Weapons #shorts #breathofthewild #zeldabreathofthewild

And there you have it, one new Scimitar of the Seven and one new Daybreaker Shield; excellent weaponry! I hope you enjoyed this article and I hope it helped! You can always find something help you right here on MyGaming.News.

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