Out of Bounds Glitch (ALttP)

This Glitch in The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past allows you to clip out of bounds and access all indoor rooms in the game. This means you can access all dungeons whenever, all chests and even finish the game in under 3 minutes! Interested..?


All you need to do for this glitch is jump off a ledge and save & quit half way through the fall. Re-enter your save file and take damage indoors, walk into a wall and you should travel straight through it. Once this is done, you have completed ALttP’s Out of Bounds Glitch!

Beginning of Out of Bounds Glitch ALttP

Beating the Game with the glitch

Note! This is not the WR (World Record) route for TLoZ: ALttP, but that route is extremely difficult and is not for beginners, this route is still very fast but is not WR.

Ok, so you want to beat the game in under 3 minutes? That’s gonna take a bit of practice on this specific route, So, get practicing! Here’s how…

  1. Start up a new save file.
  2. Walk to the first room of Hyrule Castle through the normal route:
    1. Link’s house.
    2. Secret entrance.
    3. Uncle.
    4. Gardens.
  3. Walk up to the door to the throne room door but do not go in!
  4. Perform the Glitch on one of the ledges either side of the door.
  5. Walk back to the door but instead take the door on the same level to left, take damage from the enemy in the other room and complete the glitch.
  6. Walk up plenty of screens until you reach the Triforce Room! – If you hear either Aghanim’s Theme or Ganon’s Theme, you’re on the right track!

Here’s a run performed by YouTuber fruit snax on ALttP’s Major Glitched Any%, one of the fastest performed:

Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past any% glitched speedrun (2min53s)


While out of bounds, if you walk too far back into a wall, you can fall in and be stuck in bounds again, if this happens you may need to exit the game and restart depending on whether or not where you fell will soft lock your game. This Glitch shouldn’t affect ALttP’s Software even though it is a major glitch, especially on Nintendo Switch.

I hope you enjoyed this article and I hope it helped! If you are interested in Out of Bounds glitches I’m sure you can find something more you’ll enjoy like our Shrine of Resurrection Clip (BotW)! Enjoy!


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