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The Dow Na’eh Shrine one of the less memorable shrines in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild because of its out-of-the-way location and its simple puzzle. Let’s see how to complete it.


The Dow Na’eh Shrine is located in the southern area Lanayru Promenade; its hidden behind the waterfall in the path facing south. In order to access the shrine, you need to follow the path to the west of the waterfall. The path is broken so be careful and use your paraglider. If you’re getting this shrine late-game, you can just use Revali’s Gale to fly right into the pathway, however, attempting to glide through the waterfall won’t work as the water will break the paraglider and you will fall into the lake below.

The shrine itself is surrounded by ores which can help you loads to collect rupees by selling them so I definitely recommend spending a moment stone smashing. To reach this shrine, I recommend following the route from the north of Kakariko Village.

dow naeh location


This shrine is relatively small; from where you enter, you will be able to see everything you need to. The first thing you’ll do is walk and paraglide over to the large pressure plate in the center of the room. To your right is a metal box, sitting in the water. Magnesis it over to you and open it to find an opal hidden inside. Leave the chest on the pressure plate.

Next, look to your left and magnesis the chest sitting on the hanging wooden platform over to you. Open it to uncover a Zora Sword and once again leave it on the pressure plate. Next, walk over to the rising-and-falling platform in the north-east area of the room. The chest on top contains an amber, collect it and magnesis the chest on top of the pressure plate with the other two. The combined weight of the three chests will push the pressure plate down and unlock the gate to a large metal cube.

We are now going to utilize this cube to get to Dow Na’eh. Magnesis the cube and place it in one of the back corners of the rising-and-falling platform. Stand on the moving platform and jump off at the next level. Once the platform has fallen, jump onto the metal cube and wait for it to rise again. Now that you are at a higher level you can jump onto the extended platform with the monk. Walk over to him and obtain this shrine’s spirit orb. You have now completed Dow Na’eh, congratulations.

Full Video Walkthrough

Dow Na'eh Shrine Walkthrough

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