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The Tutsuwa Nima Shrine is one of the more memorable and combat-filled shrines in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild as it entails retrieving a Scale from a Dragon and defeating one of the most powerful levels of Guardian in the game. Here’s how to complete it!


The Shrine is located behind the Goddess Statue in the Spring of Power. You can see the Spring of Power on the map as a small pond surrounded by small hills just west of the North Akkala Stable and east of Death Mountain. The best place to find Dinraal – who we’ll talk about in a minute – is just at the Eldin Great Skeleton, just north of Death Mountain.

Tutsuwa Nima Shrine Location.
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Great Eldin Skeleton + Dinraal Location.

Inside the Spring of Power is also a memory where Princess Zelda was praying in the spring 100 years go.

Retrieving Dinraal’s Scale

At the North Akkala Stable, there is a woman by the fire who tells you of the Spring of Power and of the shrine that is found there. Praying to the Goddess Statue in the Spring of Power, the Goddess Hylia will tell you to:

“Offer Dinraal’s Scale received from the red spirit to the Spring of Power.”

– Goddess Hylia.

You need to find Dinraal and retrieve one of his scales to offer the Spring of Power. Dinraal can be found following the path north of Death Mountain across the Deplian Badlands, around the Thyphlo Ruins and through the Tanagar Canyon. You can intercept Dinraal at any point along this route but I think I know the best place!

I recommend gliding down from Divine Beast Vah Rudania if you’ve completed the Vah Rudania Quest or simply traveling to the Eldin Great Skeleton which is north of Death Mountain. The Eldin Great Skeleton is visible from the map and is filled with enemies; don’t worry, if you don’t enter the inside you’ll be safe from major combat.

Light a campfire on top of the Skeleton and wait until morning. Soon, Dinraal will fly down from the Sky to glide through the area. Wearing the flamebreaker armour will protect you from the flames, shoot a regular arrow to Dinraal’s body and avoid shooting the horns, the mouth or the feet as these will give you different parts: a Shard, Fang and Claw respectively. Chase after the scale and return to the Spring, unfortunately you won’t be able to get more than one dragon piece per dragon per day.

Upon returning to the Spring of Power, drop Dinraal’s Scale into any part of the water of the Spring and the door to the Shrine will open!

A Major Test of Strength

The Major Tests of Strength are usually quite difficult so I’ll teach you two methods, the normal way and the easy way.

The Normal Way to defeat a Major Test of Strength

Normally, I recommend preparing some Attack-Up food or clothing as well as upgrading your armour so you don’t take as much damage from the Guardian.

Furthermore, make sure you have several powerful weapons for use in the battle as chances are, a few of them will break. The upside to your weapons breaking, however, is that you’ll receive three brilliant Guardian weapons after defeating the Scout. Regardless of having space in your inventory, I fully recommend picking these up.

As for combat, Flurry Rushes and parries definitely come in handy and shock arrows will help. When the scout spins round really quickly and shoots a continuous laser, and updraft will be created. Use the updraft and hover above the scout, then use any weapon by pressing Y above it and smash your weapon to the ground!

Finally, when it starts shooting powerful Guardian Lasers at the end, stand still and look at the scout until it begins to fire, then run to the left or right to dodge the numerous lasers. Whilst its gaining the lasers, use arrows or melee weapons to deal as much damage as possible. I also recommend using Stasis+ and Cryonis on the Water to block it.

The Easy Way to defeat a Major Test of Strength

The Easy Way that I know to defeat these Annoying Tests of Strength is to set an electric trap for the Guardian Scout to fall into! All you need to set up this trap is either a Thunderblade or a Great Thunderblade and some metal kindling if you will. The metal kindling can be any metal melee weapon, bow or shield.

To set this trap, you need to keep the charge on your Thunderblade active, even if you aren’t holding it. To do this, take out the weapon and use it – perform a strike in the air. Halfway through your air-attack, open your weapon’s menu and drop the Thunderblade. From here, you need to place you metal kindling next to the Thunderblade in order to make a charge. You can do this by dropping the metal with the Thunderblade or by Magnesissing something metal to the blade.

Perform this trick just after you enter the main room of the shrine and then walk over to the scout. Lure it to your very own shocking trap and watch the hilarity as the Guardian Scout is stuck in peril and can’t move!

Extra Tips

You can deal extra damage to the Guardian by attacking as usual, but a critical hit of any kind will push it out of the trap. Therefore, use a two-handed weapon only one swing at a time, a one-handed weapon only three swings at a time and a spear/halberd only five strikes at a time.

This trick can be used to gain loads of great gear as shown in our Gathering Equipment & Weaponry in Breath of the Wild Guide.

You can also use this trick with Flameblades to create an endless source of fire. The blade will then light anything wooden nearby on fire. You can combine the trick with a Thunderblade and a Flameblade to deal double damage to the Guardian!

The Monk +Full Video Walkthrough

Walk up the stairs to find a chest containing a Flame Spear. Take it or leave it and acquire the Spirit Orb from the Shrine’s Monk!

Tutsuwa Nima Shrine / The Spring of Power / A Major Test of Strength - BotW

I hope you enjoyed this article and I hope it helped! Feel free to check out our other cache of Shrine Walkthroughs to find whichever one you’re looking for!


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