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The Zuna Kai Shrine can be really easy if you complete it late game in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Here’s how to complete it!


The Shrine Quest, ‘The Skull’s Eye,’ is the Quest related to the Zuna Kai Shrine.

‘The Skull’s Eye,’ is received from Jerrin, Robbie’s wife. She can be found in the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab which is near the far north-eastern corner of both Hyrule and Akkala.

zuna kai aatl location
zuna kai shrine location

The Zuna Kai Shrine is located in the Skull’s left eye of Skull Lake which is situated north-east of Death Mountain and east of Gut Check Rock. However, the Skull’s left eye appears to be the right eye on the map.

Walkthrough of Zuna Kai Shrine

Travel to the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab and speak with Jerrin, she will tell you the following about the Zuna Kai Shrine:

…Oh, that reminds me!
Link, there’s somewhere you need to go.
Umm… The left eye of Skull Lake!

I know there’s a shrine there,
but it’s a challenge to get to it…

The left eye of Skull Lake is higher up.
The right one is lower down.
If you run into Kilton, you’re on the wrong eye!

Jerrin, Akkala Ancient Tech Lab

Now, travel near to the Skull Lake and try to climb as high of the mountains surrounding the Lake as possible so you can glide over to the Shrine. A Wind Bomb will help loads to get over there, if you’re unsure how to Windbomb, you can use our Guide to Wind Bombs (BotW) to learn the technique in a flash!

Once you’ve reached the Shrine, you’ll find a chest inside containing a Flameblade. Once you’ve obtained the weapon, walk up the steps and acquire the Spirit Orb from the Shrine’s Monk!

Full Video Walkthrough

Zuna Kai Shrine Walkthrough

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