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The Dagah Keek Shrine changes depending on who you are, if you like long annoying Shrine Quests then this one is for you! If you don’t like long annoying Shrine Quests then you’re gonna find this long and annoying… Here’s how to complete it!


The Dagah Keek Shrine itself is found next to the Veiled Falls, just west of Zora’s Domain. However, the Shrine Quest begins with a little Zora girl called Laruta who is in Zora’s Domain itself!

dagah keek laruta location
Laruta’s Location
dagah keek shrine location
Dagah Keek Shrine’s Location

The Ceremonial Song Shrine Quest

divine beast vah ruta

Necessary: You have to have completed the Divine Beast Vah Ruta in order to complete this Shrine, if you need help, you can check out our guide to completing Divine Beast Vah Ruta here!

You’ll need to have completed the DBVRuta Main Quest as it makes the Zoras happy and in the process you will acquire the Zora Armour.

Speak with Laruta – a young pink Zora – in Zora’s Domain who usually hangs around the statue of Mipha in the central area of Zora’s Domain and she will sing you the following song:

A gift from the sky… a scale of light…
Splits the feet… of a Veiled Falls sight…
Your trial awaits… It’s glowing bright!

– Laruta.

The, “gift from the sky… a scale of light” is referring to the Lightscale Trident, but you’ll need its replica for this Shrine Quest. Trello has the replica: the Ceremonial Trident, so talk to Laruta again and ask about Trello.

Laruta will direct you to the north-western bridge of Zora’s Domain, go over there and talk to Trello. Trello will tell you that he dropped the Ceremonial Trident off the bridge and he’ll have to have another one made, this means the fallen one is up for grabs!

Jump over the edge and land on the bottom of the Zora structures. Use Magnesis to locate the Trident and the use Cryonis on the water to actually get to and acquire it! Now, teleport/fast travel over to a higher region so you can travel over to Veiled Falls.

Now, look for the Sheikah Pedestal and equip both the Ceremonial Trident and the Zora Armour. Ascend the waterfall using the Zora Armour and glide above the pedestal, when you are hovering a moderate distance above the pedestal, press Y to attack using the Trident and fall onto the pedestal. This will trigger the Shrine to appear following the words Laruta use in the song, “Splits the feet… of a Veiled Falls sight…”!

Dagah Keek + Full Video Walkthrough

Enter the Shrine to find a chest containing a silver ruppee and walk up the steps to acquire the Spirit Orb from the Shrine’s Monk!

The Ceremonial Song + Dagah Keek Shrine

I hope you enjoyed this article and I hope it helped! Feel free to check out our other cache of Shrine Walkthroughs to find whichever one you’re looking for!


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